Charismata Homes & Company Success Stories

A 20 year single mother pregnant with a 1yr old daughter was once homeless move in one of Charismata transitional homes with 2 other mothers with children. This mother had worked out a plan before her baby was born and was successful with her plan.

She realized this wasn’t the type of life she wanted for her families and did something about it. First plan was to become stable enough to finically move into her own place, get a job after baby gets old enough for her to work and to go back to school to get her GED.

This mom was determine to follow program offered by Charismata and company and to do what ever it took to better her future for her children. She is now in her own apartment and is now working to keep her family from becoming homeless again.


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New nonprofit helps single mothers

Michelle Henry can be considered an official Mother Hen for the city of Detroit. For the past 20 years she has raised six children of her own in addition to helping countless other single mothers raise their children.

“I always took in ... and raised kids,” Henry said. “Anybody that knows me knows this is my heart and what I love to do.”

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